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So I finally got photoshop permanently a couple days ago! I've been practicing making stuff on it for a while. I had a free trial before, but it went away too fucking fast, and I never tried making gifs and icons on it. Now I get to! :D I'm waiting to practice gifs cause apparently I need a constructor? idk I asked someone on tumblr about it and waiting for an answer. In the meantime, I tried my hand at my first icon, looked up a couple tutorials on coloring, text, levels, curves, etc, and this is the result.

I know the coloring is a little too harsh, but I've just been playing around with it. The text isn't that great, but I had to add a stroke and blur to it. It's okay, I think. What do you all think? Any photoshop masters out there got any tips for me? I'd love some. :)

just a precaution: I don't expect anyone to use it, but if you do, please credit moi. thank you. :)

Ringer 1x06 "The Poor Kids Do It Everyday" (+ Supernatural)

Hi guys! Beginning of TV week (for me) again! Last week was the best week of TV that's been had in a while, when it came to my shows. Ringer was amazing, Vampire Diaries was UNBELIEVABLE, Community was incredible(!), and Supernatural was fantastic. Hope we have a week as great as that soon. Speaking of, I didn't do a reaction post to Supernatural's episode, 7x04 "Defending Your Life", because I actually went out to be social that Friday night, like I never do. lol I have to say, I wish I stayed in and watched Supernatural, but what's done is done. I caught up with it on Saturday, and I fucking loved it. The scenes between Dean & Jo got me all emotional, I thought Osiris was kind of awesome ("Cause I'm the judge, son!"), and lawyer!Sammy - UNF! LET ME LOVE YOU! Whenever he went "OBJECTION!" I got all tingly. So there's a little mini-reaction to that episode. My mum (yes, she's still watching it, yay!) also said it was the best episode so far this season for her. That made me really happy. :D

Now onto Ringer tonight. This show is capturing my interest even more each week. I can't wait to see what's gonna happen tonight. wtf happened to Gemma? Hope we get a clear answer in this episode.

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AHHH, THE NEXT ONE LOOKS INTENSE! BUT IT'S NOT TIL NOV 1st. :( We are without Community this week & without Ringer next week. I hate this time of the fall season, cause we'll be taking more breaks between episodes and then finally the midseason hiatus. Blehhh. Anyway, next is Vampire Diaries! So ready!

Ringer 1x05 "A Whole New Kind Of Bitch"

It's another Ringer tonight, and this one is supposed to be BIG. Actually, this week's episodes of Ringer, Vampire Diaries, AND Supernatural are ALL supposed to be big! lol I'm so fucking excited for them all. LET THE MADNESS BEGIN.

Oh, and more Bridget/Andrew, please and thank you.

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Next is a HUGE Vampire Diaries episode on Thursday! Can't fucking wait!


Supernatural 7x03 "The Girl Next Door"

It's Friday night! Therefore more craziness of the Supernatural kind. AND TONIGHT, IT'S DIRECTED BY THE FABULOUS, THE MOST ATTRACTIVE, THE EXTREMELY TALENTED & FLAWLESS JENSEN ACKLES! What'd you think of the episode directed by this magnificent human being?

This is what I thought...

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That's it for this week! Starting all over again with Ringer on Tuesday! Have a great weekend, everyone!